StoryForward NYC

Welcome to the New York City chapter of StoryForward, a group dedicated to exploring the future of storytelling and entertainment.

StoryForward NYC is led by Jen Begeal, who has been a Transmedia Producer for film projects such as Zenith and mindFLUX. We host monthly meetups, workshops, and other events celebrating the leaders, the ideas and the techniques of storytelling in the 21st Century…

In addition to our live events we bring the community the StoryForward Podcast, hosted by Emmy Award winning Experience Designer, Steve Peters. The podcast is an extension of the StoryForward­ brand of properties bringing the workshops, interviews and panels from our live events to our global digital audience.

StoryForward’s mission is to connect people, curate experiences, and incubate projects from around the world.

Please join us on our journey as we continue to educate, inspire and innovate the storytelling experience.”

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